Noel Sardalla, American, born Philippines, (1965- )

On Installation Work

Monofilament nets are highly tensile forms that can expand or contract in relation to their selected environment. As flexible planes they illustrate volume and spatial boundaries with an economy of material and low impact to a site.

My interest in malleable forms comes from observing site-adaptive strategies seen in biology, from cells to octopus behavior. The weaving process also evokes certain types of predictive assembly in chemistry and physics, where entropy sometimes described as “disorder” has been shown in some cases to self-arrange into organized structures.

Paper objects woven into these forms also evoke studies in density and methods for containing large numbers of similar items with relative ease of portability.

Paper as material is also readily available and somewhat environment-friendly, to allow for generous experimentation.

Flower forms have connotations from many cultural sources, but a focus is also on exploring the repetitive and ritualistic processes involved in crafting multiples.

Selected Exhibitions

03.17 Effective Immediately, Kohn-Josloff Gallery, Cheshire. One-man show.

12 minute tour:
Gallery views:

08.15 here/there/everywhere 15, Gallery at Constitution Plaza, Connecticut. Installation at Connecticut Office of the Arts.

07.15 Dream Cloud, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, Connecticut. Collaborative installation.

05.13 I Am Here, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. Collaborative installation.

11.12 About Paper, Institute Library, New Haven, Connecticut. Installation.

05.12 Student Show, Seton Art Gallery, University of New Haven, Connecticut. Installation

08.11 here/there/everywhere, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, Connecticut. Installation at Hilles Gallery.

08.11 Studies for here/there/everywhere, Creative Arts Workshop (Tiny Gallery), New Haven, Connecticut.

10.07 Artist-In-Residence, City Wide Open Studios, Hamden, Connecticut. Installation in alternative space.

07.07 Identity Made Visible, Creative Arts Workshop, Connecticut. Sculpture.

06.05 Hamden Art Park, Eli Whitney Park, Hamden, Connecticut. Installation.

01.05 Factory Direct, ArtSpace, New Haven. Installation.

Media and References

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